Are you an experienced CrossFitter looking for a new training sanctuary? Have you recently moved away from your home gym? Perhaps you’re looking for an extra something that your current box is over looking?

Whatever the case, we’re thrilled you’ve decided to give us a try. We love having experienced folks like you join our community for our newbies. They look up to the seasoned guys and gals like yourself as a source of inspiration.

Here at CrossFit Merit, we focusing on our members’ short-term and lifelong goals. As an experienced CrossFitter, we understand you’ve probably done your share of WODs with no end goal in sight. We want you to go further and attach your training to a goal that you can blow past so we can celebrate together! We put a huge focus on mobility and nutrition because those are the things you can work on outside of the gym. We don’t just want to hand you a list of foods to eat, we want to teach you on what foods are important and how they fuel our bodies. We want you to look at that foam roller with zeal. We want you to lift HEAVY with confidence.

How does that sound? Still interested in giving us a try?