Meet an Athlete of Merit: Carina's Story

Carina Linder

Merit Member Since November, 2017 

Carina is a 35 year old contracts manager who originally hails from Northern Sweden, which she describes as a progressive society with a high standard of living, and beautiful mountain nature. However, being geographically isolated and dealing with with absurdly long, cold, and dark winters drove her to move here at the age of 27 on impulse, and she liked it so much she decided to stay! Or maybe it was for the Three Brothers Pizza? Which she says she could eat for the rest of her life but "wouldn't live very long" if that was the case! Carina and her husband Chris have been long time Merit members, and we wish we could take credit for the major strides she's made during her time with us, but anyone who has been in class with Carina knows her quiet determination and work ethic during a WOD pays off. Read on to learn more about Carina, her life outside of CrossFit, and her admiration for her fellow Merit members. 

Carina and her husband Chris.

Carina and her husband Chris.

How do you spend your time outside of Merit?

Renovating a big house with my husband and fellow Merit member Chris.  It has consumed all our time, energy, and money so we don’t have anything left for anything else. I also have one cat named Theo, and like any childless person in their 30's with pets, I treat him like a human toddler. Lastly, I work as a contracts manager.

What were your goals when you originally joined Merit?

I was looking for a fun and varied workout.   Whatever I did before, it consisted mainly of different forms of cardio and was boring me to death. I wanted to incorporate strength as I had weak back and shoulders from years of office work. We had been creeping around Merit for a while before finally deciding it was time. I also desperately wanted to do one strict pull up.

Carina during Memorial Day "Murph."

Carina during Memorial Day "Murph."

Have you accomplished any of those goals so far?

Yes, I have been perpetually sore since day 1 (in a good way) and there are witnesses to a pull up. I notice gains both inside and outside of the gym. It has been an extremely rewarding experience overall.

What is your favorite CrossFit movement/WOD? 

Anything with dumbbells. I also like squats and lunges. The gymnastics and most olympic lifts are cool too, so different from what I’ve ever tried before. The variety of movements and WODs is amazing.

What is your least favorite CrossFit movement/WOD?

Snatches, they are complicated and terrifying. I would do 10 wall balls if it would get me out of doing one snatch. Actually, you probably won’t even see me at the gym those days. Also, warm-ups with duplicate sets and hollow rocks.

Carina and fellow Merit members after the "Murph" challenge.

Carina and fellow Merit members after the "Murph" challenge.

What is your most memorable CrossFit moment so far?

I thought the Memorial Day "Murph" was just amazing. From the background and purpose to the work-out itself.  Everything about it was great!

What/Who is your biggest motivator?

The runner’s high for sure. After only a few days of not working out I get all "emo." Of course, the other Merit members also motivate me. From the top–notch coaches to the CF moms who stroll in with their kid(s), crush the WOD, and walk out like no big deal.  

What would you like to say to people on the fence about trying CrossFit?

It may seem intimidating but any work out can be modified to your level.  Whatever your concern may be, there’s a solution. Joining will improve all parts of your life. I would cancel my health insurance before my gym membership if it came down to it. The only downside is, once you join you’ll never shut up about it. But that’s also what’s so good about this cult, I mean gym, because it really is as fun as everyone says it is!